Our highly acclaimed children’s wellness program can now be taught online or in person!

This interactive series teaches kids the importance of building healthy habits and focuses on choosing whole foods vs. processed foods, exercise, mindfulness and stress management in a fun and age-appropriate way. Kids learn how their choices impact their health and the health of the planet. Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or anyone who works with kids, these short, engaging lessons and resources will help your children get on track for a healthy life.


  • Who is the WKids Online program for and who can teach it?

WKids is for kids, teachers, families, homeschoolers and anyone who works with kids and wants to help them develop healthy habits for life!

  • What do I get?

You will get free access to easy-to-use, engaging curriculum and videos, downloadables and more. There are 6 lessons in each grade with a main video covering everything from the harmful effects of sugar to how to read food labels and why eating whole foods is so important.  Each lesson has a supplemental video with topics such as sleep, exercise, mindfulness as well as easy and delicious recipes.  Included in each lesson are newsletters, posters, tip sheets and more, for you to download and print out. 

  • Why should I choose this program?

Our interactive WKids series provides children with the vital information they need to build healthy bodies and minds. Wellness Foundation has a proven track record of educating kids in schools and the community and has impacted the lives of over 25,000 children in Eastern Long Island. Our curriculum is aligned with National Health Education Standards and delivers measurable results.  Now, through WKids Online, anyone can access our amazing programs!  Children who participate in WKids consume more whole foods and less sugary beverages and junk food and learn valuable skills like reading nutrition labels, the harmful effects of sugar, the importance of eating whole foods and tips for exercise, sleep and recipes.

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Creation of the WKids Online Program has been made possible by a generous grant from The Moore Charitable Foundation